Self Love Club

I'm learning to appreciate your beauty without having to sacrifice my own. To be able to love certain things about you without deprecating my body. Today I am embracing my strong legs that have endured miles and miles for me. My skin that never stops protecting my insides despite its pinkish tone. My naturally frizzy … Continue reading Self Love Club


One More

Hang on. Just one more second. And then one more. Just one more minute. Then twenty. One more hour. And then two. My life has been homecoming after homecoming. The grief, the sadness, the hopelessness of the world sitting right there on my shoulders. And I waited. Just one more second. And then one more. … Continue reading One More


What do you do when you aren’t chosen? Or wanted? The reality of life is when you aren’t picked first it can feel like you aren’t picked at all. The world might as well be a flat. We’d relate better. We’re all too familiar with measuring sticks anyways. Constantly comparing ourselves and families and bodies and … Continue reading Wild 

We Rise

November 20th. One whole year. One year of flowers from poop. One year since I was trembling in that corner, trembling on the floor, trembling for weeks to come. One year since I began writing. One year since I started believing that the words in my head were worthy enough to spill out. One year … Continue reading We Rise