On Worth

Before I shared my blog with the world this morning (Facebook friends/Instagram stalkers) I spent way too long thinking of an insanely creative name for it. I’ve always envied those people that have such innovative handles. All I can come up with, and pretty much all I’ve ever been able to come up with is ‘cayseedavis.’ Cause, well, that’s my name. I’ve tried so hard to push my brain past mundane to clever and quirky but it always comes up with things like, ‘catsandcaysee,’ ‘wordswithcaysee,’ ‘journeyofcaysee.’ Just, no. Also I don’t even have a cat.

Anyways, I think creativity looks like a lot of different things. I consider myself creative in the sense that I like crafting, blogging, photographing random things (mostly my coffees/ mountain ranges/ *posed ‘candid’ pictures of my boyfriend laughing).

*it starts out as me saying “laugh!” so then he feels pressured and awkward and truly starts laughing, then SNAP! I got my candid photo.

I think laughing pictures are the best. They definitely beat posed smiles and still bodies. Goofy pics are fun too. Pictures are just. fun. Any way you can express yourself is just fun too. It’s good for the soul.

Creativity can look like cooking, decorating, organizing, doing makeup, how you express yourself (clothes/accessories/tattoos/piercings), what kind of music you listen to. (Lately I’ve been listening to A LOT of J Bieb. I’m almost embarrassed of it but I swear I do have good taste in music. Follow me on Spotify if you don’t believe me but don’t judge my throwback r&b and trap queen playlists)

I was getting SO down on myself cause, why can’t I come up with a clever name?! I think it’s so easy for us to beat ourselves up. When that happens I always have to track back to where I find my worth. Where you get your worth from, your sense of self and confidence, that’s where everything else stems from too. If you put your worth into something like how you look, it could get really messy and you could always feel like you have to look A1 for someone to value you. But what if one day your car explodes and you have burns all over your face?! I strongly hope that doesn’t happen to anyone, ever, but what happens to your sense of worth afterwards? I know of one place you can get your worth from that’s better than any other place and thats from God. Does that sound lame? I’m serious though, my worth is secure and so is yours regardless of if we did our makeup, whether or not we passed that class, whether or not we got that girl/guy, or lack that gift that someone else has. Our worth is secure all the time, especially when we fail.

So in the end I guess I really am just Caysee Davis and regardless of a super punny, inventive blog handle, I’m still creative. And also relieved that I shared my Justin Bieber obsession with whoever reads this thing. Thank you. I feel much better.


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