I’ve always had a passion for writing. I’ve always had this little tiny seed of a dream that one day I would publish my own book. But then I start thinking, who would read it? Who actually cares? So I’m doing this thing now where I share my thoughts and whoever, wherever can read it. Scary right? Don’t worry, I have a secret blog where I write secret things. Maybe I’ll share those one day too.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in what people will think of us. Don’t we all just want to belong? If you’re shaking your head no then I’m jealous of you. 

PS: Hailee Steinfeld, do you really not need anyone else? *cue Love Myself* 
PPS: I really love that song but it wasn’t until the 32nd time I listened to it on repeat that I realized how dirty it is. You. Go. Girl.

Anyways I do crave belonging. I believe we are all prewired for love and wanting to be loved. If you’re still thinking about Hailee’s version of loving herself stop that right now. On the real, there will always be someone who cares. Someone who’s reading, listening, following your crazy thoughts via wordpress. Whether thats someone who just wants to creep on you (I see you btw) or someone who actually cares, they’re reading. 

So in Donald Millers words (author of one of my favorite books Scary Close- read it! seriously), “I wrote. I wrote as though God thought my voice mattered. I wrote because I believed a human story was beautiful, no matter how small the human was. I wrote because I didn’t make myself, God did. And I wrote like he’d invited me to share my true ‘self’ with the world.”

Here’s to crazy thoughts and overcoming the fear that my words don’t matter. Here’s to being real and vulnerable and letting people creep on your thoughts. 


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