Doesn’t grace seem like a good idea when we need some? I’m pretty sure someone’s said that before. Hold on

Yep- it was Bob Goff. He said it better than I did… “Grace doesn’t seem fair until you need some.” Thanks google.

Bob’s an amazing writer. He’s genuine and his concepts are so simple but so mind blowing at the same time. If you haven’t read his book Love Does then you should. He has a lot to teach about love and what it does.

Anyways it’s so easy for me to hold a grudge. It’s something I’ve continuously had to work on since I realized I have a hard time forgiving people a million years ago. When you have to try so hard to overcome things it truly can feel like a million years.

I’m sensitive. I’ve always been sensitive and I have reasons for it and also it’s just how God stitched me together. He made some of us just straight B.A.’s and some of us sensitive little flowers. And that’s okay. The world needs both. Like that Miranda Lambert song, All Kinds of Kinds. That’s a good song. I’ve spent way too many hours driving and scream-singing to that song.

I think my sensitivity has made it harder for me to forgive because the slightest thing can hurt my feelings. On the flip side, it’s made me treat others with that same sensitivity just in case they were stitched like me too.

Right now I’m holding a grudge and it succcckkkks. Literally sucks the life out of me. But when someone who’s supposed to be there for you isn’t there during a really hard time it can be infuriating. Maybe if I relied on God a little more for the things I rely on other people for it will be easier to forgive. I’m glad I started doing this thing cause sometimes you need to talk in circles before you get a clue.

If you got anything from this blog post: read Love Does, scream-sing to that Miranda Lambert song and forgive that person. I’m gonna try to do the last one today. xx


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