Bittersweet Season

Where have I been!?! I’m sure none of you noticed but I haven’t written in what feels like decades. Maybe it’s only been a few weeks though and I’m dramatic. Not sure.

School is freakin’ hard. I’ve actually been finding myself being excited for work, pairing my socks in the sock drawer, you know, anything other than what I actually should be doing. Like studying.

On another note I’m just wondering how many others are in a bittersweet season right now? Maybe there’s something that’s been reminding you of the hard things, and maybe life just been a little more tender? It feels like I’ve been stuck in the desert the past 4 weeks. Waiting for God to life-flight me out of this mess.

You ever feel like you rely too much on another human being and they just keep letting you down and you wonder, what the eff, how hard is it to be psychic and know that I need you to cradle my face with your hands at 6:37PM?! Ever feel like you’ve accidentally created a regular life to be something like a savior in your head? I’d been expecting my loved one here on earth to make all the pain and mess of life disappear. But he can’t. And when he fails me, and when I fail him, life just seems to fail too.

I guess the past few weeks I had to wander and find my way back and learn that people are gifts but I only have one savior. And I also discovered a good quote.

“Whatever stays, stays. Whatever goes, goes. When I stop struggling, I float.”


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