Imperfect, & Worth It

I’m just wondering how easy it is for you to feel like you’re not good enough? When you’re failing a class and believe it says something about who you are. When you make a mistake and question your own character. It’s funny how the world can make you feel like there are certain standards you have to reach in order to reach your worthiness. Look, we may be imperfect, but we aren’t unworthy. We may fail, but we aren’t failures.

What’s funny about the world is it can make us feel less than if we don’t have more than. If we don’t have a degree or lululemon pants or the newest iPhone that comes out each month.

What’s funny about religion is people put all these chains on it like God hasn’t already set us free.

If I’m being honest, sometimes I feel like I’m not christian enough or smart enough or good enough. To hang out with the christian peeps and do the christian things or be friends with the cool people and do the cool things or be in big girl college and do the smart things.

I’m learning that loving God, and loving myself is between Him and I and not you and me and navigating through life is the same. I don’t have to do the christian things so other christians see that I’m christian and I don’t have to do the cool thing so the cool people think I’m cool. Loving everyone and withholding judgment and striving to reach my full potential and forgiving and admitting when I make a mistake, I think that’s enough. And you should too.


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