Third Words

I am in a season of serious growth. With that comes change and mind stretching/ heart stretching achey-ness.
I’ve been struggling to love the skin I’m in, + other self-love one-liners. You know that quote that goes, if you don’t love yourself no one else will, or whatever? If that were true then holy shit I’d be in trouble. There is some good news I know about and that’s God’s unrelenting love. He can’t stop, and he won’t stop. *channeling Miley Cyrus* He loves her too. So good news is if you aren’t loving yourself so much right now, there actually IS someone who will still love you and can’t/won’t/doesn’t want to stop loving you ever. Another thing I’ve learned about love is that if you love someone else well, generally they tend to stick around. If you have anxiety that no one will love you until you love yourself just focus on loving others around you and they will love you through it. Cause let’s face it, how many of us love every single thing about ourselves? You can’t convince me of one person. 

Right now I’m reading Unqualified- Steven Furtick and learning so much about my weaknesses and ‘third words’ and what God has to say about them. Steven says we all have our third words which essentially are the words we use to fill in the “I am _____” statements. I just finished reading a chapter on weakness and fear and how these qualities can be redeeming. Basically, God loves our weakness because through it he gets to offer up his strength. When we are weak, we tend to rely on God as our source of stability. On the flip side, when we are weak, we tend to pursue success as though that’s the polar opposite of weakness. Instead of success being the goal, how about growth? The bible doesn’t say when we are weak, then we are successful. The bible says for when we are weak, then we are strong. And strength comes from growth. 

I am scared of so much and my fears rattle in my head almost 24 hours a day, especially when I’m sleeping. Almost every night I dream of one (usually more) of my fears happening in the most vivid, realistic ways. It’s a talent really. The book says, what if instead of courage or bravery being the opposite of fear, our third word becomes ‘loving.’ I am loving. “Focus changes everything. Fearful is what you feel, but loving is who God made you to be.”

I encourage you to read this book or at least ponder what your third words are. Let others’ love and God’s truth replace those negative thirds with positives. Challenge growth within yourself, and tell any fears or anxieties they have no place in your life. Let’s ask God what he thinks of us and let the worlds opinions fade into the background. We are worthy of love and accepted for our struggles, hardships, hangriness, you name it. 

For when we are weak, then we are strong. 


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