Not-so-fun fact: I absolutely hate large groups. I think it travels back to when kids were mean and I was always the new girl. The sermon last Sunday pretty much hit the nail on the head for me and I felt like I needed to share:

When we are rejected, we overcompensate. We become strivers: strivers to be liked, in any and every group. We conform to be liked in any group even if that means compromising our beliefs and standards. We undervalue, and isolate ourselves. When we feel like we’ll be rejected, we preemptively reject. Let’s stop doing this guys. Let’s take a breath and have courage and give others the chance to love us. Let’s also give others a chance to not like us because either way, our worth is the same. Let’s love them anyways. Preemptively rejecting closes our hearts off to love. Closing our hearts off to love only leads to hopelessness and despair which makes it hard to receive love, hard to connect with people, and hard for you to see God’s purpose and plan for your life. One thing I’ve come to realize is God’s plan always includes people. (Eek) Another thing I’ve realized is offended people never make it to their destiny. 

After this sermon I walked to the car and sobbed. Partly because this message was SO me and partly because I was SO hungry and didn’t know what I wanted for lunch. You always know what you hide deep down when you feel offended or defensive about something. That’s a really good indicator that someone pushed that button you for sure thought you safely hid from the world. There’s good news in those buttons if you want there to be. Those are the things you can bring out of hiding, and give back up to God and say I don’t want this to be a part of who I am… the sooner you address the dirty dishes, the easier it is to wash. Wash your dishes and take this with you: You don’t need to get more bold, you need to get more of God’s word; perfect love drives out fear. 


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