Quit Something

What does your heart tell you in the quiet places?

Does it say you’re good enough? Does it say you’re strong? Brave? Does it tell you your worth surpasses the reflection in the mirror? Or maybe, does it say you’re a failure? Does it say you’re weak? Unloved? Alone? Does it tell you that your striving doesn’t matter because there are more beautiful, more capable, stronger, braver, more intelligent humans?

I’m wondering what your heart says to you in the quiet places. Because for so long, all I believed about myself was that I was unlovable. It didn’t matter how much I studied, how much I dyed my hair, how many more miles I ran on the treadmill because there was someone else that would always be better. Worth more.

The world screams it until we subconsciously recite it back to ourselves. We need to be more and do more to be worth more. We need to strive more, pray more, have more than the person next to us. Comparison kills souls. We think we’re achieving something by adding more, more, but really we’re only cheating ourselves out of the life intended for us.

The world screams more, and God screams less. Which do you choose? Pressure or peace? Pressure feels more real. Pressure feels like we’re getting somewhere. More feels like a goal that everyone wants to achieve. We brag about it every day. When a friend asks how we are, aren’t we guilty of saying, “I’m so busy!” As if it ranks us on the totem pole of worthiness. We want to be the doers, but sometimes our people, our world, they need sitters. They need listeners. They need peace makers. They need understanders.

So, the world says more and it tricks our heart to say strive, and we feel defeated. God says sit and He brings peace and we have more room in our hearts to love others. Pressure, or peace? You choose. But I can tell you that if you’re ‘so busy’ it probably means you don’t have much time to love your neighbor, and you don’t have much time to give thanks for the little, big things, and you probably don’t have much time to practice self love and self care. Quit something. Make more room for what matters. It all starts with letting go of what the world says and grabbing ahold of what matters. Frick what the world says. Let’s change it.


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