Courage and Chances and Being Brave

Someone asked me the other day if I ever get nervous that my thoughts are just out there in the open for anyone to read. I said no, because I feel called to share my happys and hurts and to be brave. But honestly, it does scare me sometimes. Not the part where anyone can read, but the being vulnerable part. It’s hard to open your heart and let it spill right open all over your laptop. Sometimes being vulnerable scares me so much that I make this thing private so no one can read my thoughts for a while. And then something happens and I remember all I’ve learned about courage and taking chances and about being brave.

I think each person has a life that’s worthy of being shared, if they want, and sometimes we can feel so alone until we read someone else’s blog or have a conversation with them and realize we don’t have to feel those things. We aren’t alone. Someone else has been there wanting to die or learn to trust but can’t figure it out or leave that person but can’t find the courage or quit that drug but can’t find the strength. Whatever it is, someone is right there along side you. And I think it’s important that, on the off chance you feel my hurts too, I fight my timidness and write vulnerably so that you know you’re not alone.

3,000 views. 3,000 times you chose my words over watching Netflix. I know how hard that can be. Thank you. For making me feel like I matter.

It can be a cold world, but you make it warmer for me.


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