Self Love Club

I’m learning to appreciate your beauty without having to sacrifice my own. To be able to love certain things about you without deprecating my body. Today I am embracing my strong legs that have endured miles and miles for me. My skin that never stops protecting my insides despite its pinkish tone. My naturally frizzy hair that keeps my scalp from burning from the sun, that flows all kinds of crazy down my back. My wrinkly hands that are so similar to what my mothers once were, that remind me of her with each glance. I ache for every time I had wished I looked a different way. Will you realize this with me, that we carry generations of existence upon our bodies? We are the sum of love after love after love. Isn’t that so beautiful? That who we are isn’t a happenstance, but a result of a lineage that was graced upon our shoulders. You and I are drastically different forms of art walking about the earth. We are so distinct from one another, yet filled with such powerful history, you and me. We can’t look the same. Unless we get plastic surgery, and I’m too broke for that. 

So today I am appreciating my skin and bones and hair, for they have endured generations upon generations to get to me. And I am appreciating the beauty of yours too. 


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