Quit Something

What does your heart tell you in the quiet places? Does it say you’re good enough? Does it say you’re strong? Brave? Does it tell you your worth surpasses the reflection in the mirror? Or maybe, does it say you’re a failure? Does it say you’re weak? Unloved? Alone? Does it tell you that your … Continue reading Quit Something


Push & Pull

Ever feel mediocre? Like you aren't special? Like there are those other humans who are so spectacular and well-known and glorified for their specialness and you're just stumbling through life trying not to get food in your hair at lunch? I'm not feeling so chosen these days. Not feeling like I have the best anything or … Continue reading Push & Pull


Not-so-fun fact: I absolutely hate large groups. I think it travels back to when kids were mean and I was always the new girl. The sermon last Sunday pretty much hit the nail on the head for me and I felt like I needed to share: When we are rejected, we overcompensate. We become strivers: … Continue reading Rejection


Letter to You

This letter is for you. You who believe you have to be like someone else to be worth it. You who feel pressure to conform to a blind society who says we have to look like them, act like them, behave/believe/achieve like them when you were made to behave, believe, achieve like you. Your mind … Continue reading Letter to You


Third Words

I am in a season of serious growth. With that comes change and mind stretching/ heart stretching achey-ness. I’ve been struggling to love the skin I’m in, + other self-love one-liners. You know that quote that goes, if you don’t love yourself no one else will, or whatever? If that were true then holy shit … Continue reading Third Words



I do not trust God. Let me clarify, I do trust God. But only when things are going smoothly. You know how I know I don’t really trust God? Change.  Change freakin’ sucks. I hate it I hate it I hate it. Who’s with me. And to really clarify, my hatred does not discriminate; I … Continue reading Cheez-its


Imperfect, & Worth It

I’m just wondering how easy it is for you to feel like you’re not good enough? When you’re failing a class and believe it says something about who you are. When you make a mistake and question your own character. It’s funny how the world can make you feel like there are certain standards you … Continue reading Imperfect, & Worth It